Bleed and Hurt Like Men Do

For thousands of years, men have created images and icons celebrating masculine human figures who express points of view. Often, these viewpoints push acceptable standards of what men are supposed to look like and how they should behave.

Las Vegas artist Madeira Desouza has since 2007 consistently created artworks that present a unique and challenging representation of what makes a person masculine. This is because he encourages his viewers to rethink their perceptions and beliefs about masculinity.

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Bleed and Hurt Like Men Do is a deeply personal and uninhibited expression of what he discovered in his life as he sought to find out for himself what it means to be a man. It describes the emotional and sexual repression during his youth that came from poor role models. He eventually replaced his repression by deliberately choosing to become a renegade artist and storyteller. A generous and free collection of his original art from 2007 to the present day (featuring his internationally recognized dark themes and taboo visions) boosts your experience of reading Bleed and Hurt Like Men Do.

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Intended Audience — Adults regardless of gender or sexual identity who enjoy viewing images and reading stories about man-on-man domination, bondage (restraint and control), and consenting adult roleplaying behaviors behind closed doors. The male characters you will see in this collection are all fictional and they are shown in images and stories as masculine men who are controlling and/or hurting other masculine men. This particular narrative approach focuses upon all-male peril and is often called guys in distress or men in distress or heroes in distress. This focus is on same-sex feelings and sexual identification with masculine men who sometimes (as in the real world) behave in aggressive, violent, or exploitative ways towards other men.

hanged menThis kind of imagery of men suffering and dying as from hangings like you will find inside Bleed and Hurt Like Men Do directly descends from the historic etchings by French engraver Jacques Callot in 1633.

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