Masculine Men Hurting Masculine Men

Welcome! You have arrived at one gigantic website that presents free surreal visual works and storytelling. Specializing in depicting masculine men in cruel, perilous and threatening situations, men being taken advantage of and hurt or killed by other men, man-on-man bondage, heroes in danger and distress, and sexualized pain for men.
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Be sure to visit BLEED AND HURT LIKE MEN DO for the most sizzling hot images in the Madeira Desouza collection presenting his internationally recognized dark themes and taboo visions!
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knee to the nutsdrowning manbarn hanging
four waiting five finishedwhen muscle boys cannot swimgrab himmilitary truck ritualkneeling nude on the road
Madeira Desouza showcases the work of gay male artist and storyteller Madeira Desouza in Las Vegas, Nevada. Learn more about him.


Yes, the images and stories found on are supposed to br arousing for men. Madeira Desouza knows this fact. His works fall within the well-known international bara underground art genre. This uniquely masculine approach to contemporary art gives you stories and pictures (images) within the men hurting men theme. Explore the blog where you will find a high volume of uncensored images and stories within this particular subject area.

If you are looking for ballbusting images or the site known as Scaffies, you have come to exactly the right place!

The phrase men hurting men means here you will find depictions and stories of MALE CHARACTERS only and never will you find either women hurting men or men hurting women.

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For a Very Special Audience

Some gay men have said that they especially like how I depict men so realistically. Others not so much.

I get emails and other messages from guys who obviously “get” what I’m trying to do. One comment explains what I mean. The guy wrote this:

“Never have I been so aroused. I always feared to delve into my darkest fantasies but with you, I feel supported and understood. Your stories are a perfect blend of light and shadow, to put it in very simplistic terms. I confess that what also arouses me is a detail that most would find insignificant but which holds tremendous eroticism. Curled toes. That’s a soft spot of mine. I associate it with violent orgasms, when pleasure wracks the body, makes it convulse and twist right down to its toes. Thank you for your amazing work and your willingness to share it with us. I do hope to see more and more of it and praise you for your lack of fear regarding a subject most would not dare to broach.”

How I Make a Man

Discover HOW it is possible for me to create photorealistic male characters for storytelling. I do not hold anything back and share everything you need to know (in a short video — under 12 minutes running time) about how I make a man who is a 3D digital male character:


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