Sequential Images: Man Hurting Man

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featured image -- eaten by a large snake
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If you have an erotic desire to be eaten, the word you need to know is vorarephilia or the vore fetish. Unbound author Derrick A. Richter exceeds expectations in a new and way over-the-top story about sexual arousal imagining being swallowed whole by a very large snake. Open wide and…

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rode hard and put away wet featured image
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Rode Hard and Put Away Wet

He thought he could defend himself but his thinking was completely faulty. Sure he came across as big and manly. That much was obvious to everyone. But without clothes as he stood in front of the entire gang who pointed several cameras at him as they taunted him, it was…

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dominance of men by other men
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Bondage, Discipline, Dominance of Men by Other Men, Sadism and Masochism

All male BDSM happens within an exciting set of wide ranging themes. All of the themes are within a decidedly male-focused exploration of behaviors expressed by four famous letters, BDSM. These four letters are internationally known as meaning several things such as bondage, discipline, dominance of men by other men,…

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look of fear in young men's eyes
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Muscular Guys Nude in Trouble

It’s quite important to approach the topic of muscular guys nude in trouble with sensitivity and respect for individual privacy and boundaries. This we all know because we are civilized. Muscular guys nude who are in danger or peril can be essentially helpless and defenseless. Such men who are in…

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hung cowboy
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Hang Him — Illustrated eBook

I earned a worldwide reputation as a rarity among digital artists because I devote such consistent efforts towards creating explicit, uncensored depictions of men’s hangings. Who else can you name who has such an extensive inventory of digital art depicting men’s hangings? Here is the very first collection of my…

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Drowning — Images and Stories

Why do images of men drowning or having died underwater attract our attention? Read These Stories by 8hangman5: Drowning with Roberto by 8hangman5 and Nautical Games by 8hangman5. (themed images) View These Images by Madeira Desouza: “Dark Water” (2019) by Madeira Desouza Two images from a 2017 original illustrated story…

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featured bound to hurt
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Bound to Hurt: Man-on-Man Bondage

Listen (FREE!) to an explicit man-on-man bondage podcast: Bound to Hurt | Enjoy original bondage staging and taboo photography copyright Paulo Martins from Bondageman Brazil. All rights reserved. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Bonus Pictures: Here are unedited taboo photograph images…

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grabbing a man's balls
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Balls Cut / Castration / Removed Masculinity

Decades ago a well-known Tom of Finland drawing caught my attention because of how brutal the artist  depicted the moment just before a restrained man suffers the removal of his balls. I am certain I’m not the only curious fellow who has spent many hours examining that classic Tom of…

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On-Demand Illustrated Storybooks

Back to Fiction page   Now available:  Madeira Desouza will create and produce one of his stunning Illustrated Storybooks on demand for you. The finished product is a downloadable pdf which contains pages of original Desouza of Vegas customized illustrations along with storytelling text (as shown). You Provide… creative services project…

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