Alternative to politically-correct, plain vanilla, gay adult male erotic stories

Here you will find storytelling about characters and situations of men hurting men exclusively for men who are attracted to men. This falls within the category of masculine male art.

You also will find narrated audio stories, text stories, and illustrated stories containing extreme violence, death, willing and/or unwilling man-on-man sexual behaviors, and other, related fictional situations which depict bondage, cannibalism, discipline, dominance and submission, emasculation, sadomasochism, and other kink-related themes and adult behaviors that are taboo instead of being accepted by so-called “polite society” nowadays. This storytelling material is presented by Las Vegas artist and storyteller Madeira Desouza.

If you consider yourself to be a storyteller or writer and your creative works are within these themes, you are especially invited to get posted here within this popular section of Men Hurting Men. Storytellers/writers may now submit audio narrated stories for posting here.


Featured Authors:

8hangman58hangman5 — fearless Australian author specializing in engaging stories about men’s hangings. See the 2019 – 2024 fiction from 8hangman5.

Katharsis authorsKatharsis authors — late 1990s to early 2000s influential male writers who emphasized unforgettably violent, taboo stories of men in peril

NulloNullo — prolific American author specializing in compelling stories of capture, castration, hanging and cannibalism.

derrick a. richterDerrick A. Richter — unbounded author of NSFW erotic adventures in fictional fantasy (warning: don’t try this at home) that cleanse nightmares from his brain.

Yagov SangriaYagov Sangria — former American high school public school special education teacher who switched to explicit storytelling of the torture, snuffing and eating of men.

Storyteller/writers, you are invited to have your stories appear here within the storytelling section. See invitation to writers for details.

Feed Your Private Fantasies with a Customized Illustrated Storybook:

Now you can order a sizzling hot uncensored customized illustrated storybook created for your explicit and unbounded fantasy fulfillment by Madeira Desouza based on your particularly wicked specs. This uncompromising creative service is extraordinarily rare to find anywhere at any price by any artist. Most artists won’t fucking dare offer this kind of service to you. You already knew that. See honest details spelled out for you here. bound in a helpless inverted position he knew his manhood would not survive this adventure but he hoped he would get the opportunity to shoot his final load


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CBT — Cock & Balls Torture

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For writers…

An Invitation

Writers are invited to submit original stories they have written (even if the stories originally appeared online elsewhere) to be posted here in this storytelling section. Only text or audio narrated stories that depict male characters interacting with other male characters within these categories will be posted in the storytelling section:

Storytelling Categories

  • Ancient Times — real or imaginary civilizations during ancient times
  • Edgeplay — sexual or mental manipulation of men
  • Horror — blood and gore or horrifying situations and scenarios
  • Kidnapping / Capturing / Imprisoning — taking and keeping men against their will
  • Machismo — masculine behaviors of power or domination over other men
  • Male Death Fetish — situations and scenarios in which men are dying or already dead
  • Male Torture, Rape, Murder, Cannibalism — men are brutalized, penetrated, killed, and/or eaten
  • Military — situations and scenarios in which male combatants live and/or die
  • Science Fiction / Fantasy — like stories found on The Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits or Black Mirror television series
  • Wild West — cowboys and indigenous peoples of the American West during the 19th century
  • Zombies / Warewolves / Vampires — violent, predatory creatures that threaten or kill men

Guidelines for Writers

Read these essential Guidelines for Writers before you send in anything for posting here in the storytelling section.

  • What you send in must be your own original work whether or not it ever appeared online previously.
  • You remain solely responsible for your story’s style, word choice, and descriptions of sex and/or violence and/or death.
  • You can benefit as a writer of fiction if you have an awareness of American Kurt Vonnegut’s universal shapes of stories.
  • The point of view (POV) can be absolutely crucial to the success of any kind of storytelling in any genre. Often it is how well the author shows what characters are feeling or thinking as they experience dramatic conflicts that propel storytelling.
  • Using the English language be sure to show visually what is going on in your story instead of merely stating or telling the narrative facts or implied actions in your story. Your use of the English language should compel the reader to feel what you are showing in your story. See this simple four-step guide for being a great storyteller.
  • Storytellers and writers are invited to submit audio narrated stories that have a running time of up to 30 minutes. I hope you will listen to my podcasts and become familiar with how audio narrated stories are supposed to sound before submitting any audio to me. You can use your own voice or I will supply a narrator voice for you free of charge. Email me at de*******@gm***.com to get specific guidance which you can use for creating your audio narrated story.

  • For text stories, always write an attention-getting title that you think will attract readers to your story.
  • Take the time to correct your text stories spelling, grammar, line spacing, and document formatting before submitting your pdf. If you fail to do so, your amateurish mistakes will be shared with the entire world.
  • You may embed images with your text story in the pdf but you are responsible for image rights issues.
  • Be sure to read other writers’ text stories posted here so you have a very clear idea about what type of stories we want here.
  • Submit your text stories in pdf format by email to de*******@gm***.com. Only pdfs are accepted. The very best simple and free method for anyone to create a pdf is to use Google Docs. There you can use the print function to save your document as a pdf. Do not send in Microsoft Word docs or any other file formats.
  • Text stories may not exceed a total of 30 pdf pages. If you write longer or continuing stories, send each individually in installments that each come in at approximately 30 pdf pages. No exceptions to this page budget limit will be made.

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