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You may be surprised to learn that there is are men all around the world who create images and/or stories about men hurting men.

Worldwide Community of Artists —

It is very easy to search online and find artists who create visual works similar to the styles, themes and narratives for which Madeira Desouza is known. All the artists listed here owe a debt of gratitude to three influential gay male artists in the twentieth century.

**A man from Europe known by his pseudonym Tom of Finland (1920 – 1991) profoundly influenced the creation of likenesses of men during the late twentieth century. His hand-drawn works of homoerotic art emphasize hypermasculine traits and behaviors of male characters which he created following his eyewitness observations of men and their appearances and intimate behaviors during the era of Nazi Germany.

**American George Quaintance (1902 – 1957) is remembered for his hand-drawn art depicting idealized men with muscular bodies in the nude.

**Domingo Orejudos, a prolific male artist of color from Chicago (1933 – 1991) used two pen names, Etienne and Stephen. His hand-drawn masculine gay male likenesses still influence artists to this day.

Alternatives to Gay Stereotyping — These three male artists chose to create masculine characters who were shown finding sexual pleasures in other men. Taken together, their works counter negative stereotyping of gay men. Instead of reinforcing what the dominant straight culture perceives to be true of gay men—weak feminized males with effeminate speech and provocative affectations—the gay male characters created by Tom of Finland, Quaintance and Orejudos depict icons of strongly powerful masculinity along with mental and physical strengths.

The Present Day — Here is a list curated by Madeira Desouza of Las Vegas providing links to artists from all over the globe. This list can guide your explorations into the fascinating word of 3D digital art creations (versus AI renders which are not digital art) focused upon male characters minus anti-gay stereotyping.

Censorship of Artists — The curated list below contains links to DevantArt which engages in artist censorship. Selected works of artists can be deleted without warning by DeviantArt and there is no genuine appeal process. Most people (other than the artist) never notice this because the images just disappear from DeviantArt and are never seen on DeviantArt again. Artists are powerless to fight back against this corporate authoritarian censorship. Artists can leave DeviantArt as a protest. Doing that will cost artists certain promotional value that DeviantArt does provide for artists and their works. It’s a trade-off for artists. If you are not an artist but are instead a viewer of the works of artists, then you can choose to support this kind of censorship of artists. Just remember that DeviantArt treats artists with deliberate disrespect whenever DeviantArt censors artist’s works with no notice or any appeal process.

3D-Waxx visit this and other artists at An admirer of male pin-up iconography, 3D-Waxx (France) depicts male characters who demonstrate an artistic beauty and attractiveness, almost to convey the artist’s vision of an idealized male. —
Albron visit this and other artists at Alex Bronnings (France) builds upon his level of experience from over decade to create strongly memorable images of male characters. —
Bhodahamna visit this and other artists at Bhodahamna Thorvan (Germany) uses DAZ Studio to create unforgettable and appealing masculine male characters. —
Channing3D visit this and other artists at Channing (U.S.A.) shares sexy and cocky pinup images of men worldwide in one of the most easily-recognized visual styles you will find anywhere today. —>
JJ Chase (Arenafighter) visit this and other artists at JJ Chase (U.S.A.) specializes in depicting realistic and violent scenes of male characters in arena fighting modes which often culminate in injury and death. —
Choppski visit this and other artists at Choppski (U.S.A.) is renowned worldwide for his male characters with big cocks that are not meant to be ignored or disregarded. —
ChuckieFuckie79 visit this and other artists at ChuckieFuckie79 (U.S.A.) has a consistent style of depicting male characters who are masculine yet vulnerable. —
Darzon68 visit this and other artists at Darzon68 (U.S.A.) depicts male characters which emphasize a strong emotional value for the viewer. —
Desouza of Vegas visit this and other artists at Madeira Desouza of Las Vegas, Nevada (U.S.A.)—that’s me. I am renowned for my rebel and renegade male art since 2007. I’m the gay male artist who is responsible for this website. —
DigitalMalePinUps visit this and other artists at DigitalMalePinups (U.S.A.) gay male artist whose male characters are depicted with a strong flair for visual excitement. —
Ephorox visit this and other artists at Ephorox (Thailand) has more than a decade of experience creating visually stunning fantasy male characers. —
Gabo-art visit this and other artists at Gabo-Art (Mexico) is known for his exciting and realistic 3D male characters.
Harald020 visit this and other artists at Harald Seiwert (Netherlands) is a gay man who is graphic designer, photographer and digital artists whose works are easily recognizable for their honesty and emotions. —
Homoeros visit this and other artists at Homoeros (Portugal) is an artist and writer who expresses an addiction to DAZ Studio. —
Iyakoo visit this and other artists at Iyakoo (Thailand) has two decades of experience creating masculine male characters which are visually stunning. —
JaketheJakester visit this and other artists at JaketheJakester (U.S.A.) from Texas favors comic-book style and photorealistic male characters with a bluntness not often emphasized as he does. —
Jepe visit this and other artists at Jepe (Germany) is an accomplished digital artist whose worldwide reputation in undeniable due to his creation and marketing of digital assets for purchase for artists to use in apps such as DAZ Studio. —
Jero-Art visit this and other artists at Jero-Art (U.S.A.) portrays extremely masculine looking men as a way of communicate his vision of what an idealized male looks like and how he behaves. —
Kaos3D visit this and other artists at Kaos3D (United Kingdom) started over 30 years ago as a 2D artist but then morphed into 3D digital art to create some of the most captivating male characters available to be viewed online today. —
Kevizz visit this and other artists at Kevizz (Trinidad and Tobago) a prolific 3D artist in the genre of gay erotic art and who specializesg in depicting muscular men, superheroes, daddies, and cowboys. —
Khael93 visit this and other artists at Khael93 (Finland) a transman who explores the world of 3D digital art and produces masculine men with a clear vulnerability. —
Lundquist visit this and other artists at Kurt Lundqvist (U.S.A.) renowned for producing stunning 3D digital art of masculine male characters for a couple of decades; his visual style is easily-recognized for its realism and sense of masculine adventure. —
Makaula visit this and other artists at Makaula (U.S.A.) gay male artist, book author, graphic designer and novelist who produces high masculine male characters with realism and clarity. —
Mal3Imagery visit this and other artists at Mal3Imagery (U.S.A.) uses 3D digital art to express his interest in fantasy as well as photorealistic male portraits. —
MarcusWrestle visit this and other artists at MarcusWrestle (Germany) specializes in male characters who are handsome, muscular, well-endowed and sexy as seen in erotic fighting scenarios. —
MGMOZ visit this and other artists at MGMOZ (Australia) is a former theatre lighting technician who stepped into the world of 3D digital art with stunning scenes of masculinity and male peril. —
MSAngelFood visit this and other artists at MSAngelFood (U.S.A.) is a female 3D digital artist who produces appealing male peril imagery with strong erotic themes. —
Obieblu visit this and other artists at Obieblu (China) is an American interactive designer living in Shanghai who specializes in male pinups, fantasy art along with his original male characters. —
ParagonIllusions visit this and other artists at ParagonIllusions (U.S.A.) strives for realistic-looking scenes or highly masculine men for a gay male audience minus exaggerated, freakish proportions. —
Planet-gay-comic visit this and other artists at Planet-gay-comic (Switzerland) emphasizes muscular, masculine men in richly-detailed scenes and scenarios often depicting men in peril. —
Priapus of Milet visit this artist's website Priapus of Milet is active online and recognizable for highly masculine male characters often embroiled in perilous adventures. —
RJQueen visit this and other artists at RJQueen (U.S.A.) strives for visually-appealing works depicting masculine male characters using digital manipulation combining imagery of objects and men in a decidedly queer theme.
Sagitarian71 visit this and other artists at Sagitarian71 (Spain) emphaizes masculine male characters and depicts them in scenes set in the known physical world.
SparkieShock visit this and other artists at SparkieShock (Canada) is an artist, filmmaker and composer who 3D digital art depicts highly masculine men enduring (or not) the effects of electricity upon their naked bodies.
Telemachus visit this artist's website Telemachus (U.K.) is the pseudonym for a 3D digital artist and curator of a vast collection of images and stories enjoyed by gay men. —
UncannyValet visit this and other artists at Uncanny Valet (New Zealand) creates inspiring male characters and content using DAZ Studio.

Further Explorations — Madeira Desouza of Las Vegas has prepared an additional curated list with links to help you explore further beyond the artists who use 3D digital art methods to depict male characters often in danger or peril and especially men hurting men. Many of these are websites which are known for their taboo material:

Anti-Heroes — Highly masculine illustrations of sexy males.
The Explicit Art of Bastille (1929 – 1990)
Balasco — Masculine male comix
BDB: Black Dirty Bear — Images, stories and themes similar to those of Madeira Desouza
Boundex — Male artist specializing in depicting men in bondage situations
Carcel, Mike — Hand-drawn explorations male-on-male torture and executions
Chris’s Muscle Artwork — Artist from Poland who creates images of exaggerated masculinity
Cute Dead Guys — Online forum specializing in graphic images and videos of dead men
Depictions of Death — Illustrations of men in scenes of death and dying
Fillion, Patrick — Where sequential art collides with beautiful men
Fraser, Robert — Comic book style depictions of men
Hasegawa, Sadao — Highly influential Japanese arts depicting male bondage and torture
Man2Man Alliance — Coalition of men who practice frot (phallus-against-phallus) sex
Kalabro — Erotic art depicting men, muscles, S&M, bondage
Kirwan Arts — Stimulating art from Michael Kirwan (1953 – 2018)
Malex — Line drawings of male-on-male hazing, torture and execution
Mitchmen — Gay BDSM, fetishes, gay pride
MSSF — The art of male muscle shown in older, masculine men
Odegaard, Olaf (1938 – 1997) explicit hand-drawn masculine male art
Tagame, Gengoroh — Still living and continuing to be a highly influential gay erotic artist
Tam’s Art — Masculine male line drawings and erotic fantasies
Warriors — Verile images of warriors through the ages


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