Alternative to politically-correct, plain vanilla, gay adult male erotic stories Here you will find storytelling about characters and situations of men hurting men exclusively for men who are attracted to men. This falls within the category of masculine male art. You also will find narrated audio stories, text stories, and…

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Unlucky Cowboy Gets Fucked

The young cowboy rode from one town to the next, never knowing what to expect. The first person he encountered when he arrived in town for the first time after many weeks of riding alone was a saloon keeper. As he stood at the bar he accepted the proprietor’s kind…

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cowboy executed drawing
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Revenge Lust in the Wild, Wild West

Taboo tales told around campfires have passed down to us valuable insights into what happened between cowboys and Native Americans in the days of the westward expansion. What we think we know from having watched Hollywood movies and television shows is mainly faulty information. What really happened: During the 1800s…

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Years ago, there was one website that stood alone in its coverage of the theme of men hurting men. The brand name was Katharsis. The now-legendary site is gone but will be remembered for presenting stunning images of men hurting men (as shown on this page) that were created by a…

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