Admitting Your Beliefs about a Man’s Body and His Looks

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Our society keeps has perpetuating a popular myth that men always have to be masculine and that any show of his vulnerability or emotional openness may be taken as a sign of weakness. Being a man is associated with being tough, strong, and driven, with little to no regard for outward physical appearances or what others may think of his looks.

However, in recent years there has been a shift in the way men are expected to behave and present themselves to the world. Today it is more acceptable for men to admit that they find another man attractive when they look at him and they feel confident admitting that they think he has a well-built body. This is happening regardless of sexual orientation. You do not have to be gay to recognize another man’s physical attractiveness and his body appeal.

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So, why do some straight men feel comfortable admitting that another man they are looking at is good-looking or that he has what they consider to be a well-built body? One reason is the changing attitudes toward masculinity and male sexuality. In the past, any deviation from the traditional masculinity norms would be met with ridicule and ostracizing from other men. Or it could lead to a man who expresses such things getting beaten up by other men as a punishment.

good-looking and well-built man

However, in recent years, there has been a shift toward a more inclusive and accepting society. Men are now allowed to be more open about their feelings, emotions, and sexual desires, without facing conservative backlash from their peers. Of course, men who live in the Southern States are more likely to be the kind of beat up other men for merely mentioning another man’s good looks or that he has a well-built body. Maybe you will want to steer clear of the Southern States if you prefer not to get beaten up.

Another reason why straight men feel comfortable admiring other men’s bodies is that they understand the amount of hard work and dedication it takes to achieve a certain physique. Straight men use gyms as gay men do. Men who are straight or gay all have worked consistently to build their bodies and maintain a certain level of fitness can appreciate the effort and discipline that goes into it, and therefore it is normal to admire that outcome in other men.

More to the point, acknowledging another man’s physical attractiveness does not necessarily mean that a man feels sexually attracted to the other guy. It’s possible to appreciate and admire someone’s looks without feeling any genuine sexual interest in them. Men who are secure in their sexual identity and confident in their masculinity can comfortably admit to finding another man attractive without worrying about how their sexual orientation might be misinterpreted by other men.

Confident in Masculinity

Gay men can feel confident in their masculinity. Being gay is not the opposite of being masculine. A gay man can choose to look and behave in ways that will be recognized in the real world as masculine.

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Some straight men do not understand the truth that a man can be both gay and masculine. There is a false belief that for a man to be gay means he must also be unmasculine or favor feminine ways to look and behave and speak.

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Finally, it’s essential to acknowledge that not all straight men feel comfortable admitting to finding other men attractive or having a well-built body. Society’s traditional views of masculinity remain deeply ingrained in many men, prompting them to feel uncomfortable or unsure about expressing their opinions on matters related to appearance and sexual attraction. So they tend to repress themselves and keep quite about how they really feel when they are out in the world. Such men tend to silently agree men in Southern States who beat up other men for merely mentioning another man is good-looking or that he has a body that has been carefully built by regularly going to the gym. Here again, the problem seems to be with the men in the Southern States, not with men in other states.

In conclusion, the idea that men should be hyper-masculine and not discuss their feelings or emotions is fading away. Men are now allowed by contemporary society to be more open about their appreciation for other men’s physical attractiveness without fear of negative consequences such as being beaten up by men in Southern States. By the time today’s pre-teen males have reached the age of consent, today’s old-fashioned myths about masculinity or manliness likely will have been replaced with other cultural norms. The shift towards a more accepting and inclusive society could help to promote a man’s greater personal growth, happiness and self-assuredness. That’s the way to hope at least.

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