Author Profile: Derrick A. Richter

Here is a profile introducing Derrick A. Richter whose stories appear here on this website:

Question: How did you get starting writing sexual fantasy stories of men-with-men?

Mostly an attempt to express I feelings I had. A big shift happened when my first partner died when I was 27. We had been together since I was 21. I was very vanilla, monogamous then, until he tested positive for HIV. We figure he may have acquired it in college but who knows.

I became his caregiver and it devastated me. During that time I met my first “Master.” It was those days of serving as a “slave” boy that was my mental health escape. Hard core bondage, humiliation, masochism, really added to my strength to enable me to deal with the true life, devastation of being the husband and caregiver through the final months of his AIDS.

I learned to NOT put off adventure. I learned to go for things. I already had a pro motorcycle race license, but that no longer was enough. What I learned through that experience is that I did not want to die slowly struggling with illness in a hospital.

I really no longer had “fear.” In fact I liked to test those limits of fear triggers. Helps that I naturally was masochistic. I don’t like stubbing my toe, paper cuts or hospitals, but “pain” can lead to clarity. A good, intense peril situation can make every day problems seem simpler, mundane even.

Question: How do you get the inspirations for your story ideas?

I write some of my fiction to cleanse nightmares from my brain. Some may call them erotic fantasies. Some of the inspiration also comes from potentially perilous meet-ups that turned out to end safely enough. Not something I recommend to others. Just a fact of being an adrenaline junkie, at least when I was younger. Another reason I don’t post as much, and I don’t post to social media because I don’t want others to misunderstand some of the things I’ve done and think what I did was safe.

I had a head injury in 2012 that changed my personality. But not nearly as physically painful as my 2017 motorcycle crash. Spent a week at the trauma center ICU.

accident scene

Guess I’m moving on more to fiction these days than real risk. I break easier now. But I guess I survived my younger years, mostly intact.

Question: What would you say to readers who are attracted to your storytelling about men in peril?

Peril play in real time rather than fiction can be addictive, certainly dangerous, even with certain caution. I hit a point in my life in real play where there really were no longer many options to capture the mental, hormonal, physical sensations. The intense buildup then you crash down afterwards. When it’s all over it really takes a physical and mental toll. Leaves one a bit jaded. Hard to put into words those real-life experiences. How they affect mind and body.

I have a warped sense on the pain scale. It takes a fair amount of masochism or peril to really get me going. So nowadays outside of fiction, I rarely get hard or get off. Some fiction can really trigger me from zero to sixty, so to speak.