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Ballbusting is making a man feel physical pain in his testicles through deliberately slapping, kicking, or punching him directly in his balls (nuts.) See the Urban Dictionary for details. This is commonly a man-on-man behavior which is meant to be arousing for two men who are involved in this physical activity. The man being busted knows that the man busting his balls understands on a very personal level the pain that he is inflicting. The man doing the ballbusting feels a dominance over the other guy that is enhance by his full awareness that what he is doing is intended to create a sexual thrill for both men because of the feelings of power combined with pain. Images and stories of ballbusting belong squarely within the bara underground art genre.

International Ballbusting Community

An international community grew up surrounding men who find ballbusting appealing on a variety of physical and emotional levels. The community was known as Scaffies. It was headquartered in the Netherlands and its purpose was exploring consensual man-on-man ballbusting and cock and ball torture (CBT) without judgment or criticism. This international community ceased operation at the end of December 2022; it was forced to shut down because the web hosting company ownership changed at the exact same time as a change in payment processing company policies took place instituting exclusion and censorship of adult content online. This community on the internet had over half a million posts in many forums and fantasy roleplay areas. For nine years Scaffies served as a safe space for men to meet other men within over 200 local and special interest groups.

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Members came from very different backgrounds, countries, personal situations, sexual orientations, health issues and ages. Many were fluent in several languages. Scaffies was known for helping members feel welcome, safe, and embraced.

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One of the most popular elements on Scaffies was uncensored and explicit images of men which were reposted from various other websites by members. You can see examples at no charge here at the website. Be sure to REGISTER (FOR FREE) to be in the user group here at so you can continue interacting here with men who share the same or similar interests with you. Be sure to let other men know about the website so they, too, can enjoy what is found here.

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Be sure to visit BLEED AND HURT LIKE MEN DO for sizzling hot images within the ballbusting category!


Does this image attract your attention? See the full series of images plus a story for free!


Ballbusting / CBT Gallery (Madeira Desouza 3D Digital Male Images)

Scaffies Ballbusting Archives

As a prolific digital storyteller, I was extremely pleased with how Scaffies presented my material to the members and provided me with exceptional technical support whenever I requested. I felt “at home” within the Scaffies community. Several men I met at Scaffies taught me the value of male friendships.

Here you can browse through downloadable pdfs so you can see exactly how the Scaffies forum pages looked as they presented my postings (text and images) which were exclusively available to the members until the end of 2022. freeThese are FREE for you to download as you wish:

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