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Here is an author profile showcasing Nullo whose stories appear on this website.

Question: How did you get starting writing sexual fantasy stories of men-with-men?

I described my military life with my dominant partner in novels I wrote and self-published.  Much was not fantasy but true stories of what we enjoyed over a period of years.  We did a lot together for the time we were partners.  Much of that was also formative or educational, as he was older and far more experienced.

In addition to those stories, personal sexual fantasies interested me in extreme situations.  My older partner related personal stories he knew, some real events, but more fiction that he had read. 

Question: Like many men, you are someone who was attracted to Katharsis, first in its print format and later as a website.  Can you explain how that began?

I shared an interest in male genital mods with the Katharsis publisher, and we talked a lot about that and related topics.

Question: What can you tell about dealing with Katharsis founder John Randall?

I met him and enjoyed spending several days at his secluded home.  I enjoyed being able to be a nudist while I was there.  We had many interesting discussions about his productions and he encouraged me to put my fantasies into writing for him.  He said there were different general topics and I could write stories that fit into the several categories.  He gave me some suggestions and asked me to expound on those bare stories as original fiction.  He added illustrations by others and published those in his periodical.

Question: With what other authors of sexually explicit stories of men-with-men have you interacted over the years?

I had incidental discussions with several, but that was before I got into serious writing.  I was encouraged to write up an event about motorcycle riding and playing with a younger Marine hitchhiker.  I wrote that up for Drummer under the pen name of Eric Sharpe.  That was a true story written as fiction and embellished for Drummer.  The illustration was not related to the true event but portrayed the protagonist as a burly bear, not a military officer.  I was wearing an outfit that portrayed my nature of being a gay biker into the leather lifestyle, so the hitchhiker volunteered to play in a secluded rural venue near where the Marine Base in NC was on my way back to D.C. area where I lived at that time.

Question: How do you get the inspirations for your story ideas?

Most come from extensions of sexual play with partners and with occasional encounters and their ideas of what they’d like to do, or be able to do.  There are extreme things that can be turned into fiction, must be turned into fiction because the actual event could not be told too accurately.  Verbal interaction during sex with strangers inspires stories from their comments, verbal abuse, fantasies they have during sex.

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